Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Punnery can follow you half way across the world. It's my second day in Madrid, and I'm utterly exhausted from the time change, culture shock, trying to remember 50+ students' names from around the country in my program, and attempting to use the correct verb form with my host mom (her name is Remedios by the way, and she's the best!) .

Today, however, in the midst of a paseo (walk) for tapas with newly found friends I spoted a frutería (fruit stand more or less) with the clever description: "Dis'fruta" A smile slid across my face as I tried to conceal my happiness given my new compañeros don't quite understand the nerdiness of my humor. You see, in Spanish disfrutar means "to enjoy." By the mere spelling of the "disfruta" you have, as you can guess, fruta! So, the marketers are subconsciously telling millions of Madrileños to enjoy the fruit they are selling through a play on words, namely, a pun. I know it's not a big deal, but ahhh, Spanish punnery! And you know how excited I get over English puns! I almost fell off my rocker!

I know it seems like it can't get any better then that, but it does. What these clever marketers didn't know is that their catchy description has become the inspiration for not only my blog, but also my semester in Madrid: ENJOY!

P.S. Before you know it, I'll have some pictures up and more important details!

Saludos a todos,

Courtney or "corney" as my host mom calls me :)

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